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Starry Sky Films was created as a platform for artists to express ideas that create a ripple effect of change and community.

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90min   |   Language English  |   Director Judy Ben-Asher

TruthSeeker® is a heartfelt documentary with a crazy and very unexpected and real time twist! This film is driven by a desire for real solutions in fast healing and happiness.  Our filmmaker’s passionate journey began with trying to help her mom navigate cancer when unexpectedly, she too, is faced with her own health issues.  Judy Ben-Asher is the driving force of self-discovery that takes us onto a map to amazing health and healing!  TruthSeeker shares, the best path  to follow and all the steps, so we may all discover our best health and happiest life no matter where you are starting from.   We are all TruthSeekers and Starry Sky Films is so grateful to be able and share our film with you.

Where it all began.

Meet Bryna Ben-Asher, the filmmakers mom.

When she got sick, her daughter dove into figuring out how we can begin to heal from illness, old belief systems and trauma. This film is her way of sharing all that she learned.